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Yoga Studio & Wellness Center in Doral, Florida  


Spring Special - $30 for 30 days of unlimited yoga and meditation classes 

Allows new students to try various teachers and see if Energy Yoga is right for you. Click Here For Details


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At Energy Yoga & Wellness Center LLC we provide yoga classes and meditation for all ages at our studio. With specialty classes available for certain styles, including Vinyasa yoga and Warm Yoga, we have a class that suits your needs perfectly.

We even offer pre-natal and children’s classes, with an after school program with yoga instruction and nutritional support.   Allow our variety of classes and teachers to help you relieve any potential medical conditions or lower your stress level.

Visit our Wellness Center for a holistic approach for your medical needs.

Contact us in Doral, Florida, for more information about our affordable
yoga studio and the specialty class sessions available.




Would you like to deepen your knowledge and become a Certified Yoga Teacher?

Enrollment is now open for our Fall 2014.

Class starting Saturday August 2nd, 2014.

For More Info Click Here




Click here for our 2014 Spring Special Offers!


Providing Services in the following areas in South Florida:

         Doral - Miami - Hialeah - Miami Lakes - Kendall and Sweetwater.


                   Certified by Yoga Alliance™





Download the "Mindbody Connect" App to your smart phone and make reservations from anywhere: https://www.mindbodyonline.com/apps/connect

About Us


Embrace the profound inner peace and serenity offered by the calming and relaxing atmosphere in our yoga studio in Doral, Florida. With more than seven years of experience, Energy Yoga & Wellness Center LLC specializes in yoga for a variety of customers. We recently opened a new location to promote wellness and help students find their center.

Our staff loves teaching yoga, including our specialty classes such as Advanced Dharma Flow, Vinyasa Flow, Gentle Meditation. We have a unique community as we provide a place to share great energy. Our charismatic and warm energy helps a wide variety of students from those with medical problems to weight loss goals.

We help them tone muscle and increase flexibility. Please consult with your doctor before attending class if you have high blood pressure, joint surgeries, or are pregnant. Currently our two locations have a rising total of more than 2,200 students. Certified by YogaAlliance™, we also offer massages and
acupuncture services.